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Qualitative production starts with engineering. When required, UniteQ can completely develop you customized product, with calculations, certifications, P&ID and 3D drawings. With our CNC-machinery we produce your product components in house from raw materials, which ensures quality control. After assembly all of our products will be subjected to a functional test.


UniteQ manufactures hydraulic cylinders in accordance with a “standard” and customer specifications. All cylinders are manufactured at our CNC machining centers. This guarantees a fast, reproducible and accurate production.


Power units

UniteQ supplies standard power units from an extensive product portfolio and, if necessary, adapts these power units to customer needs. It is also possible to create a completely new design that meets all customer-specific...


A manifold is a 3-dimensional hydraulic system with integrated valves and logic elements. The use of manifold makes complicated piping unnecessary. This saves costs, time and space.

UniteQ designs and manufactures manifolds that can...

Eckart actuators

Since the summer of 2015 UniteQ has a partnership with Eckart GmbH. Together we can provide rotary motors of the highest quality level. These are made in Germany by Eckart. We as UniteQ provide service and technical support.