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UniteQ delivered various actuating systems for medium valves to international customers. To provide an impression you will find several examples below. In addition we refer to the project page of turbine valve actuating for similar projects.

Scotch yoke with electric hydraulic compact unit

For project Marzahn on the German market UniteQ developed and supplied five scotch yoke actuators with electric hydraulic power units.

The compact UniteQ electric hydraulic valve actuator (Q-EHVA) provides a standalone solution for your...


For project Shirpur on de Indian market, UniteQ developed en supplied 4 control and 4 open/close actuators.

Development Cylinder

On behalf of a concern from Germany, UniteQ developed a new series of cylinders that are operated externally by the customers product. The composition is used for controlling valves in the industry.

In line with our concept, the...

Afval Energie Bedrijf Amsterdam city

AVS appointed UniteQ to calculate, design and install hydraulic installations, which included hydraulic power units and hydraulic actuators for valves. UniteQ continues to be responsible for the maintenance of these hydraulic...