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Medium valve actuating

Since 2002, Uniteq has been supplying hydraulic actuators for medium valves, which  started with actuators for turbine main inlet valves. It goes without saying that these high quality actuators can be used in many different fields.

Nowadays, our product portfolio does not only include hydraulic actuators, but also pneumatic actuators, hydraulic power units, steam test devices and electronic control systems, to operate previous mentioned products.

These basics behind these systems are standardized, but we always apply custom made adjustments to meet your specific requirements. In addition to the development and production of your system, we can also provide commissioning and maintenance activities. Our concept is to deliver the total solution for your medium valve actuating system.


UniteQ as total supplier of your system, is one of the main pillars of our concept. That is why we made extensive investments to acquire new knowledge and develop new products. This led to a substantial increase of our standard...


From our plant in the Netherlands we provide all of Europe with a quick and qualitative service. During the lifetime of your system we can provide the necessary services such as, installation, commissioning, maintenance, overhaul and...


UniteQ delivered various actuating systems for medium valves to international customers. To provide an impression you will find several examples below. In addition we refer to the project page of turbine valve actuating for similar...