UniteQ Hydraulics

UniteQ Hydraulics is a decisive and reliable company with a broad knowledge in the field of hydraulics and hydraulic systems. UniteQ has a wide range of hydraulic products to choose from but also manufactures customized products to your desire.

Alongside production activities UniteQ also performs installation, maintenance, and overhaul activities on hydraulic systems throughout Europe.

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Turbine valve actuating

Since start this century, UniteQ has been supplying hydraulic actuators for turbine valves. In 2002 we started with one type of actuator for main inlet valves. Over the years the actuators have become more advanced and more divers....

Medium valve actuating

Since 2002, Uniteq has been supplying hydraulic actuators for medium valves, which  started with actuators for turbine main inlet valves. It goes without saying that these high quality actuators can be used in many different...

Hydraulic systems

UniteQ has an extensive experience, with manufacturing, upgrading and overhauling hydraulic systems in different fields. We lead the way to guide you trough the complex process of upgrading your system to your desires, in a way that...

Hydraulic products

UniteQ has years of experience with the production of standard hydraulic products such as cylinders, hydraulic power units and manifolds. We also apply these products in our own hydraulic systems. This provides the knowledge and the...

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