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UniteQ as total supplier of your system, is one of the main pillars of our concept. That is why we made extensive investments to acquire new knowledge and develop new products. This led to a substantial increase of our standard product portfolio, with new types of actuators, hydraulic power units and electrical control systems.

A second important pillar of our concept is the usage of standardized products, which will be modified to fit to your specifications. We always provide our support to create a system that fully meets your requirements.

Qualitative production starts with extensive engineering. UniteQ can completely develop you customized product, with calculations, certifications, P&ID and 3D drawings. With our CNC-machinery we produce your product components in house from raw materials, which ensures quality control. After assembly all of our products will be subjected to a functional test.

Hydraulic valve actuators [ME]

Due to years of experience and an extensive product portfolio, UniteQ can offer a large variety of hydraulic actuators.

In order to offer you the correct type of actuator for your valve, we work from four starting points:...

Pneumatic valve actuators

In order to offer you the correct type of actuator for you valve, we work from four starting points: strength, speed, accuracy and safety. At lower forces a pneumatic actuator is often the best solution.

Based on the forces and speed...

Hydraulic power units

Of course UniteQ can also take care of the hydraulic pressure supply of your system. 

Traditionally, the most common solution is a central hydraulic supply unit, which provides the pressure supply for one or more actuators. In...

Electrical control [ME]

We can equip every hydraulic or pneumatic product with an electric control system. We hereby deliver the complete package for your turbine valve control, which is easily connected to the DCS system of your turbine.