For over 25 years, UniteQ proves to possess an extensive knowledge when it comes to hydraulic systems. With our modern machinery, quality testing equipment, and qualified personnel we are able to supply our customers in the best and quick as possible way. Our activities can be roughly divided into three categories.

In our vision production starts at the engineering table. We can completely develop, calculate, certify, and draw the product in 3D before physical production starts. With our CNC machining centres we produce your products from raw materials. This way we can keep the quality check in house. After assembling the components, each individual product is subjected to a function test.

UniteQ offers a variety of services which enable actuation and maintenance of hydraulic systems. All our products can be installed and commissioned on site by our service engineers. We also provide the maintenance and possible overhaul activities that might be necessary over the years. We don’t just do this for our own products but for almost all hydraulic systems on the market.

UniteQ can offer experienced project leaders that can manage large projects. From quotation to installation we use feasibility studies, 0 measurements, detailed planning, milestones, and factory and site acceptance tests. During major past projects we found out that this enhanced a smooth course and eliminated customer worries.