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Pneumatic manifold G1-O/C 1xNC-LU 1xNC, open/close with stay put function for double acting actuator

Technical features
  • Suitable for double acting (DA) actuator
  • Fail safe lock-up function (1x NC, power/signal loss)
  • Open/close O/C (1x NC) function
  • Stay put (LU) 
  • SIL2 certified according to IEC 61508
  • Operation pressure 0…10 bar (0…145psi)
  • Operation temperature -25°C -13°F / +70°C +158°F
  • Supplied medium air, filtered non-lubricated and dry
  • Equipped with prepared lock-up valve connection (P/P1)
  • ATEX implementation suitable
  • open/close (O/C) and stay put (LU)
  • 1x normally closed (NC), for stay put
  • 1x normally closed (NC) for open/close

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Data sheet UGP100100