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Main control valve actuators

The main control valves control the steam flow inlet of a turbine system, which makes that speed and accuracy are very important factors.

In 2012 UniteQ designed main control actuators that meet these high specifications. Furthermore, these actuators meet the highest safety demands (SIL3). UniteQ can complete your main control system by providing accompanying electronical control and hydraulic pressure supply systems. 

Hydraulic valve actuators [MC]

The main control valves are crucial for the operation of a turbine. Therefore, the UniteQ main control actuators meet the highest speed, accuracy and safety demands.

Hydraulic power units

It goes without saying that UniteQ can provide the hydraulic pressure system for your turbine system. Traditionally, the most common solution for the hydraulic pressure system is a central hydraulic power unit, which provides the...

Electronic control [T]

Each hydraulic or pneumatic system can be delivered with an electronical control system. This allows us to offer you the complete package for the operation of your turbine system. Our turn key solutions can be easily connected to the...