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Development Cylinder

On behalf of a concern from Germany, UniteQ developed a new series of cylinders that are operated externally by the customers product. The composition is used for controlling valves in the industry.

In line with our concept, the series is for 80% designed out of our standard components and for 20% customized. Therefore, we were able to develop a complete series of 28 types within a duration of six months. This series will be further developed into 42 types and consist of 4 building sizes that operate pushing, pulling or double acting.

During the engineering process, the cylinders were fully calculated, drawn in 3D, and certified with ATEX (explosion safety) and SIL (functional safety). In addition, various prototypes have been manufactured and subjected to acid, temperature, and lifetime tests.  

To ensure a high product quality the entire production process was revaluated. In addition to the standard quality processes, product specific quality registrations were introduced. This complete process was assessed by our customer in a company audit and valued with a type A supplier certification.

UniteQ meets all the high expectations of our customer and it is therefore that we now a days deliver the developed cylinders in batches.

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Cees Gootjes BSc
Head Engineering Department
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