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Overhaul Extrusion press

In collaboration with MIFA, and other sub-suppliers, UniteQ carried out a retrofit of MIFA’s 1,500 ton extrusion press, in the first half of 2019. UniteQ has been responsible for the hydraulic adjustments, preparing the machine for a new life. The machine has been adjusted to proportional technology, which substantially improves the machine’s performance. The retrofit project included:

  • Revision of previous components;
  • Replacement of the four main pumps;
  • Replacement of the pipework;
  • Replacement (and production) of all manifolds, control valves and control cards;
  • Consult the CE validation of the entire machine;
  • Commissioning of the entire project.
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Cees Gootjes BSc
Head Engineering Department
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Marco van der Sterren
Service Engineer
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