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Pudelko Power Pack

In the foundation repair market UniteQ developed, in cooperation with the TU of Eindhoven and Pudelko , a pressure system which can be used for jacking buildings. The system has many benefits on the systems that are common in the market like user friendliness and the registration of essential data.

The PPP-system is an innovative solution designed for pushing foundation piles. The system is based on the pressure system of Pudelko that is redesigned by UniteQ in cooperation with Pudelko and Formicida. It is a tripartite system consisting out of a cylinder, an aggregate, and a control panel containing the software of the pressure system. The Pudelko Power Pack system has a lot of advantages compared to the common equipment used in the foundation repair market.

• Control of power and movement (mm accurate).
• Electronically saved data for each pile.
• Deadweight report.

Resident friendly
• With a noise level of less than 64 dBA the nuisance is minimal.
• Because of the fact that the PPP-system does not produce any vibration the surrounding buildings will not be damaged.

Environment friendly
• Displacement of soil.

User friendly
• Easy to handle due to the minimal weight and size which also makes difficult places reachable. Minimum working height of 1 meter.
• Connectable to the line current.

• Minimal size and weight.
• 6 complete PPP-systems can be transported with one transport van.
• Transport vans are environment friendly: cities with an environmental law are accessible.
• Cylinder and aggregate are equipped with a hoist function.

• Approximately 50% cheaper in purchase value than most of the common equipment.
• Reduction in transport costs.

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Cees Gootjes BSc
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