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Overhaul & maintenance valve actuating system

Our team of service engineers has years of experience with the maintenance and overhaul of hydraulic actuators and power units. We do not only provide this service for our own products, but also for similar products of a different brand.

The importance of proper maintenance and timely overhaul of your actuator is high, and will prevent costly down times. In addition to general maintenance, we advise to overhaul your actuator every five years. After this time period, the quality of hydraulic seals will decrease which will increase the chance of leakage.

When you are interested in our overhaul services we offer two solutions. During a planned down time you can ship your products to us. Within a very short lead time of just a few days we will overhaul your product and send it back to your plant.

When maintenance or overhaul is urgent, or if the lead time should be reduced as much as possible, we will send a service engineer to overhaul the actuator on site. We will always think along to realize this on short notice.

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