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UniteQ is active in a variety of industries where hydraulic systems are used for product manufacturing. For instance, UniteQ is active in the turbine, off-shore, chemical, paper, food, concrete, and steel industries. The branches where most of our activities take place are described below.

Medium to large companies in the region
Since our foundation in 1991 UniteQ is actively engaged in maintenance work on hydraulic systems for medium to large companies from various industries. These activities therefore form the basis of our business. UniteQ not only maintains existing hydraulic systems but also provides overhaul work and upgrades. System components (e.g. cylinders) that are malfunctioning are overhauled or produced new in our factory.

Turbine industry
Just after the millennium UniteQ started producing hydraulic actuators for the German turbine industry. Where we started with one type of actuator we now supply complete systems. These systems consist of different types of actuators, power units and control cabinets. In this way we deliver the complete package that is required to drive a turbine valve. In addition to production for the turbine industry, we also offer to maintain our products in operation.

Offshore Industry
Because of the many similarities between products used in the offshore industry and products from the turbine industry, the demand out of the offshore industry increased over the last years. With minor modifications we have made our products suitable to function under the different environment conditions.

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