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Quality and safety are two aspects that have UniteQ’s priority. We underline this by providing the necessary business an product certifications. Furthermore, our colleagues are in possession of the necessary diplomas that aid safe working practices.

Company certification UniteQ

ISO 9001

The NEN-EN-ISO 9001 is the European standard for quality management systems. The standard requires that processes such as management responsibility, resource management, manufacturing, measurement, analysis, and improvement processes are reviewed annually. UniteQ is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 by Quality Masters.

ISO 14001

The NEN-EN-ISO 14001 is the European standard for environmental management systems. UniteQ is aware of the fact that some of our activities could be polluting for the environment if performed in an inadequate way. To be sure that we do everything possible to minimize our environmental impact we review our environmental management annually. UniteQ is certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2015 by Quality Masters.


SCC is the Dutch standard for SHE management systems, which complies with the requirements laid down in the European standards. The norm demands that safety, health and environment (SHE) management systems are reviewed annually. UniteQ is certified in accordance with the standard SHE Checklist Contractors SCC* 2017/6.0 by TÜV Rheinland. This means that service technicians on your location, put the importance of SHE ahead, and that UniteQ ensures the required tools are available.

Company audits

In addition to annual external audits by Quality Masters and the annual internal audits by KiKK Consult, UniteQ also offers regular customers the opportunity to audit our company. In the recent years, we passed audits from companies such as Holter Regelarmaturen, MAN Diesel & Turbo and Toshiba. Most recently, our processes were audited by Hoerbiger Automatisierungstechnik and with pride we can announce that we reached the status of type A supplier.

Product certification UniteQ


Since 2007, UniteQ has been involved in various projects where SIL 2 or SIL 3 was a requirement. SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level and is part of the IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards. With a SIL validation the probability of a dangerous failure of a safety product is calculated.

Performing a SIL validation for hydraulic products is no common practice but might be necessary when the product is used as a component in a larger system. Since 2013 UniteQ is capable of performing in house SIL validations for all their products. Before that time our products were validated by exida.

A large amount of our products already have a SIL validation because of our past involvements in SIL projects. SIL validations for custom made products are also no problem. In house SIL validations eliminate the need for a third party. This results in shorter delivery times and high flexibility because small adjustments to the product are still possible.


TRD stands for “Technische Regeln für Dampfkessel” and is the German standard that will guarantee the quality and safety of a product that can be used in the steam turbine industry. Several UniteQ products are validated by the TÜV and have a TRD 421 certificate.


In the EU, machinery that is used on location sides with an explosive atmosphere have to meet the ATEX standards. Non-electrical systems are validated after the NEN-EN 13463 standard which reviews all ignition hazards. UniteQ has the expertise to develop our products after this standard and to provide the product with a risk analyses.  We use this to build a file that is inspected and submitted to the applicable authorities by Bureau Veritas.

By combining our own products with ATEX certified electrical products on the market we are able to develop complete explosion-proof systems.

HART communication protocol

HART is a protocol with which "smart" field instrumentation in process technology can be controlled. It uses a digital signal that is modulated on top of the conventional 4-20 mA signal and that can be used to communicate in two directions. HART protocol is a recurring market demand, which is why UniteQ has become a member of the HART foundation. This means that we can produce electronic products with HART protocol and can have them certified.

Employee diplomas


VCA stands for Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors. With a VCA diploma our employees prove to possess the knowledge necessary for recognizing unsafe situations and actions, taking measures to prevent accidents, and being aware of laws and regulations.

 All UniteQ employees have at least a basic VCA diploma. Supervisors have a VOL(complete)-VCA. VOL-VCA is VCA supplemented with issues such as European regulations, VCA-certificates, company emergency plans, and organizing toolbox meetings.

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