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Pneumatic actuator with manifold set-up

About the Client

Multiple actuators have been delivered to several major valve manufacturers located in Germany.

Business problem

UniteQ identified a need in the market for compact and cost effective pneumatic actuators for their safety vales, which meet the highest safety standards (TRD and SIL). Moreover, short delivery times were often a requirement.

The Challenge

It requires an extensive knowledge about the manufacturing process and the different fields of the technique, to design a compact pneumatic actuator that deviates from the usual, and still meets all important safety standards.

Our solution

We designed a pneumatic actuator solution with a modular manifold set-up that mounts directly to the actuator for various sizes and fail-safe functions. The manifold is designed in accordance with the TRD and SIL safety standards.

Results & Benefits

The modular manifold set-up makes a costly, space and time consuming pipe arrangement between the different components obsolete. The standardized manifold meets the safety standards possible with TÜV approval.


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Pneumatic valve actuators Pneumatic valve actuators


Cees Gootjes BSc
Head Engineering Department
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